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Western decor is MORE than a way to decorate a room or entire home. It’s a feeling – a way to express to your guests that you want them to be welcome – a place for a “warm and cozy feeling” – a room that says:  “stay a while, and put your feet up!”

This type of ambiance can be small and quaint, or it can be big and grand.  However, even great rooms that are BIG and GRAND still feel warm, cozy and inviting.   This is the feeling you’re after when decorating with a western style – and once that feeling as been achieved, you’ll know it by your own reaction as well as the reactions of your guests.
My site, Western Decor, is a whole lot more than just a place to find some of the best products of this style around. We’ll also give you some decorating suggestions and advice for turning your average, plain and boring room into one with that cozy, down home, American western ambiance.

Decorating with western themed items is not as easy as just buying a whole lot of items from stores and putting them together in one room. Creating a truly great themed room takes foresight and planning. From colors to textures to wood styles and a whole lot more. Yes you’ll find a lot to pique your interest. Take your time. Get some ideas. Create a room with items that combine together in a unique whole.

See the categories and postings at the right, such as Enhance Your Western Decor With Natural Stone, plus Mixing Country And Western Decor,  and Choosing The Right Colors – plus more being added all the time. Check back often for new advice and tips you can use in your own home.

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If you’re looking for other great online stores that sell western decor, check out our recommendations on the best items and the best companies on the web from which to purchase products for your home or cabin – many of which I have ordered from personally. Browse Western Decor Catalogs Here!

As an interesting side, click here for some fascinating reading and images of log cabins and their history, first in Europe, and then in America.  You’ll learn a great deal and if your interest is in this subject, it’ll be fun.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site and I hope you get inspiration.  I always find inspiration and want to incorporate more neat items in my own home when when looking at the wide variety of products available.  I could literally spend HOURS!


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