Contemporary Western Home Remodel Example

If you are thinking of changing the theme of your home’s decor, why not choose something from the American west? Look below for a sample video on some ideas for what can be accomplished during a contemporary western home remodel.

In the video, you’ll notice several design concepts in use. Watch again to see them in action and read along as I list them below

1. Grouping wall art by hanging items in verticle or horizontal lines, at least 3 to a group
2. Using contemporary furniture with natural wall materials such as wood and stone brings the country/western feel into more modern times.
3. Modern women don’t have to compromise on their kitchens when incorporating a western theme – although I prefer the “before” image of the kitchen in the video, using brown tones gives the feel more of nature.
4. Filling a space means using items to the correct scale – large enough, but not too big to overwhelm.
5. Got wooden paneling and don’t like the look? Keep the wood and paint it. This changes the look but maintains that natural feel.
6. Using white waynescoting was probably the owner’s preferences here. I personally think a naturally stained wood is a better option for this waynecoting. The white is too formal for my tastes.

Generally, people associate this type of decor with a casual lifestyle. If you’re one for putting your feet up, relaxing in comfortable clothes, inviting others in at the spur of the moment, and achieving a warm and cozy type of atmosphere, western decor is probably a good choice. Even better, you don’t have to go “old time.” There are many different styles – from contemporary, to rustic, all the way to authentic mid to late 1800′s.

In addition, the terms “country” and “western” are often used hand in hand. Although they can be very different, they also have their similarities. You may want to mix the two, or maybe not. See my posting on Mixing Country And Western

If you want more of an authentic theme, you’ll want items that were popular during the late 19th century, the pioneering times in America. See my posting on Achieving The Right Style.

Although the home remodel video example is clearly a contemporary feel on the classic western theme, it’s taken place in a mountain cabin. This setting, combined with some more modern furnishings, help achieve the goal the owners wanted. You may think this is just too modern for your tastes. That’s fine. The best thing about decorating is you can do your own thing. If it’s right for you, just do it. Start somewhere and you’ll be glad you did.

These suggestions are only the start. Although the video give you the potential of a good home remodel, you may want another look. That’s fine. You can incorporate a wide variety of items in your contemporary western themed home. Just look around and use your imagination.

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