La Fuente Imports

La Fuente Imports

La Fuente Imports is a company I recently found that offers some really unique items.
Although I’ve never personally ordered from them, you should check out their catalog. They offer a really unique selection of soutwestern and mexican items that,
if you’re into this theme, you’ll really enjoy browsing.

Most of their western items fall into the “furniture” category with lots of neat furniture items from which to choose. In addition, La Fuente’s unique southwestern weave patterns are perfect if you like that theme. You can get them in rugs, table linens and more.

Check out La Fuente’s unique southwestern decor items below:

bar barrel
Bar Barrel
bar stool
Bar Stool
cantina bar
Cantina Bar
rustic bed
Rustic Bed
rustic vanity
Rustic Vanity
rustic desk
Rustic Desk
copper table
Copper Table
montanna bed
Montanna Bed
alpine log bed
Alpine Log Bed
tv stand
TV Stand
rustic nightstand
Rustic Nightstand
Taverna Lizard
Taverna Vase
taverna jars
Taverna Jars

In addition, La Fuente Imports offers a very unique feature – southwestern weavings. They have many styles from which to choose. You can get them in a variety of products. From their catalog, pick and item, then choose your weave pattern. A great idea for customers wanting a choice.

Get them in rugs, table linens and more!

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