Mixing Country And Western Decor

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Although western décor includes items and themes from the American west, mixing in some country style is also a fine way to decorate. Sometimes, it’s hard to define the difference. Sometimes not. They don’t call it “country/western” for nothing.

What is the difference between the 2 styles?

Here’s a good way to think of the difference between the 2 styles: cowboys versus farmers. What types of items, colors, styles are typically associated with each?


Thinking in terms of the American west, what do we think of?

Wide Open Spaces
Desert and Mountain Landscapes
Lots Of Browns and Deep Reds
Cowboy Hats
Southwestern (Native American) Patterned Fabrics
Bison, Cows, Grizzly Bears, other animals


Now think of farmers and country décor. What comes to mind?

Deciduous Trees
Rolling Hill Landscape
Lots Of Green And Some Browns
Colorful Flowers
Farmer Hats, Straw Hats, Baseball Caps
Plaid Patterned fabrics
Guns, Hunting
Cows, Horses, Brown Bears, other animals

These lists are just a sampling. I’m sure you can think of other items to add to each.

Now compare the 2 lists. You’ll see some common items and also some different suggestions as well. Here’s where it gets fun and interesting. Combining elements from both lists in your own creative ways will impart your own style on your own home.

How about combining browns and dark forest greens on the walls, with shades of bright red or turquoise in accent pillows? How about some cactus plants long with some bright red accents? How about natural stone planters on top of a wooden chest with a straw hat placed to the side? The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

western room decor

As you browse through items available at various websites listed on my Western Décor Items For Your Home page (coming soon), you’ll start to gain a sense of what you want and how different items will integrate within your room’s furniture and other furnishings.

It’s always helpful to keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. Don’t fill a room with every type of nic-nac imaginable. Don’t hang pictures on every wall surface that is exposed. Subtle furnishings impart that classy, fine living feeling. Clutter is never a good thing and it’s equally as important as you decorating with both country or western décor.

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