Rustic Cabin Decor Examples

If you own a log cabin, you may want to incorporate some rustic cabin decor in your rooms. This is, for sure, western in style, although your cabin could very well be anywhere in the U.S. Read on and watch video below for some examples of what YOU can do too.

When using this type of decor, you’ll have to figure out what looks best with the type and color of wood stain on your logs. In my opinion, using furniture and other accessories that contrast with the color of the wood is the best look. However, this is only my taste. Yours may be different. I’ve seen many photos where many home owners have used similar colors throughout a room. This may be your preference as well.

Watch the following video from a log home builder and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Although this rustic cabin decor is certainly beautiful, some of the rooms show that “sameness”, using the same shades of brown in a majority of the furniture, fixtures and accessories. Mainly, the kitchen cabinets in my opinion should be made of a darker wood.

I especially like the bedroom furnishings in this video. They go well with the log walls and give that true rustic ambiance.

In addition, you’ll notice that natural rocks and stone are used in the outdoor landscapes. This is in keeping with the nature and western theme I have recommended. You can read other tips in my posting on enhancing your western decor with natural stone.

Also notice the beautiful bathroom and that gorgeous soaker tub make of stone or tile, and surrounded by plants. Truly a relaxing getaway and a woman’s dream bathroom.

As you watch, notice the different products that are used in the rooms. These items are just the start of what is available for purchase. If you live in an area where this design is popular, you may have access to local stores that carry this style of decor. If not, you’re only option is to shop online.

You’ll get some great ideas by visiting my posting on western decorating ideas. In addition, watch the video on western decor home remodel to see a great transformation from bland to contemporary western.

I hope this video and other postings here give you some great ideas for incorporating rustic cabin decor in your home, whether it’s a cozy log cabin or a bigger log home.

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