Use Cast Iron Cookware In Your Kitchen’s Decor

Back in the old days of the American west, cast iron cookware was used extensively. After all, there was no such thing as non-stick pots and pans, nor was there stainless steel. How would you incorporate this style of cookware into your kitchen’s western theme? By displaying it on pot racks. Combining this kitchen ware display with other themed items in your kitchen will really give you that old-time feel. Even better if your kitchen’s walls are made of natural wood or logs.

pot rack display

Here’s an example of a potrack displaying various pots and pans. As you can see, this kitchen also incorporates a wood stove as well as a wall material that really enhances that old time look. This is a great example of displaying pots and pans that enhance, rather than take away from the rustic look.

ugly pot rack display

Here’s a good example of what NOT to do. Look at this photo and what do you see? A lot of this and that. Mixed pots, pans, and cookware. A lot of clutter, which is never good, either in your accessories or on your pot rack. This kitchen is way too busy for an appealing look. So don’t load your display with every conceivable pot and pan you own. Take the items you use most often and use the rack to set up a display, similar to other displays of accessories around your home. Don’t use it as a catch-all for all your kitchen utensils.

ugly pot rack display

Here’s a great pot rack displaying only cast iron cookware. It’s simple and holds only a few items. Better yet, it’s used in a room with brick walls, serving as an excellent backdrop for the display. This is a great look, and one you can use quite effectively if your kitchen walls are made of brick.

The best thing about this idea is that the cast iron cookware has 2 uses. First as items that can be used in a display, but more importantly, as items used in cooking. What better way to give your decor a useful and practical aspect.

Using cast iron saucepans and fry pans though, is a little different than using your modern non-stick versions. They retain an even heat while cooking and impart a unique taste to your dishes. In addition, with proper care, they’ll outlast any modern cookware on the market today.

How To Use And Care For Cast Iron Cookware

1. First, they need to be seasoned. This means initially, they’ll need to be coated with oil that’s actually baked into the cast iron, preventing rusting and sticking. Many pots and pans already come seasoned. If not, they’ll usually come with directions. Follow them before first use.

2. Second, washing them after use involves mild soap, hot water, and a non-abrasive brush. Some manufacturers recommend just hot water but I’ve used a little mild soap on mine for years and have never had a problem. Never use abrasive cleaners such as “brillo” or harsh soaps.

3. Third, after washing, they will need to be rubbed with a light coating of cooking oil. This helps keep them from rusting and will keep them in top cooking shape for decades!

So give cast iron cookware a try, and display it proudly in your kitchen. It will certainly add to the rustic and western look.

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