Western Decor – Choosing The Right Colors

If you’re going for a western decor theme in your home, it’s important to start with the right color palette. It’s quite common to use colors found in nature, such as dark chocolate browns, tans and greens. However, there is a whole lot more choice if you let your creative juices flow.

First, you’ll want to take into account your own color preferences. Do you like subtle, grayish tones? Do you like your rooms to pop with color and feel fibrant and sunny? Did you know that your color choice will affect your mood? You can achieve the effect you desire by using the right colors in your western decor room.

One option, and one of the best ones, is to start is with an accessory or object you want to use in the room. Take that object, whether it’s artwork, a pottery piece, a pillow, or others, and pull colors from that object to use in the room. This technique is used my many pro designers and it’s a very good one to make your own.

You may find if your object is western, it contains western colors such as browns, tans,and greens. If so, you may want to use those same colors in the wall and floor, then use brighter accents colors, such as deep reds, torquoiose, blues and oranges. Conversely, if your object is a decorative pottery piece, and contains vibrant colors, incorporate those colors in the room, either in accents, a focal wall, or more.

western themed room One important aspect to consider when picking colors is to not go overboard as in the photo to the left. Pick one or two hues as the main colors, 2-3 more as accents. Don’t mix and match a lot of different colors. Otherwise you’re room will look mixed up and disheveled. Stick to a simple color pallete and you’ll be happy with the results. This photo shows a room with too much going on.


1. Choose a wall to be the focal point of the room and paint it an accent color. Usually, for this to work well, the accent wall color should contrast well with the others, light versus dark. For instance, paint one wall deep forest green and pair it with light tans on the other walls. How about one chocolate brown wall as a focal point, paired with light beige? Use burnt orange, or orange/brown on an accent wall and pair it with white.

2. For a southwestern theme, consider using native American art and pottery, and continuing that color scheme of reds, browns, and torquoise in other accents such as pillows, throws and appolstry. Don’t mix and match a wide variety of styles of southwestern art. Use these colors sparingly along with your main room colors.

sample southwestern theme
Here’s a good example of a southwestern themed decor. Notice how the bed give ample color “pop” while the surrounding decor is neutral. It’s a good choice.

3. An underused color in western decor themed rooms is blue, specifically deep blues. Combining blue and red accessories in a room with browns and tans is a great look. Many bedding sets, comforters, curtains, and artwork contain different shades of blue. Scenes of nature usually contain the blue sky, so combining oranges with deep blues is a wonderful color scheme.

sample blue western bedding
Here’s a beautiful bedding set from Black Forest Decor. Notice how the blues are incorporated into the other colors to give a fantastic look.

4. Don’t forget to consider black. As a color, black is used in furniture such as black painted tables, chairs, shelves and such. Wrought iron furniture is also usually black. In addition, black in accessories such as artwork, frames and more is quite common. However, unless you like your rooms exceptionally dark, don’t overdo black. Use it as the accent color and you just may be surprised at how classy and western your room will feel.

black western furniture
Notice the use of black in the decor in this photo. A very classy look as well as a very western feel.

5. If you’re going for truly authentic western, you may want to consider white walls. Watch some old western movies, browse online photos of this time period, and you’ll see that Victorian styles of furniture and white walls were quite common. Even more so though, were wall papered walls, stripes, flowery prints were all common at the time.

sample victorian bedroom
Here’s an example of an old bedroom from the late 1800′s, decorated in Victorian style, which is very appropriate for the late 1800′s, the time period of the American west.

There is no shortage of images and videos of western decor to give you inspiration. This would be a great place to start. Then, take my suggestions above to come up with your own original western decor themed room.

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