Using Reclaimed Barnwood In Your Rustic Decor

Using Reclaimed Barnwood In Your Rustic Decor
If your western themed home is leaning towards a rustic decor, there are many ways you can accomplish this. Many shops selling country and western decor sell rustic items, that is, items that are rough  and somewhat worn looking – whether it’s natural or made to look like it’s been around a while.

One of the biggest things you can do to make an impact is to use reclaimed barnwood on your walls or floors. This type of wood is actually what it’s name implies. The wood has been reclaimed and/or repurposed from old barns, wooden houses, and other wooden structures.

What is Reclaimed Barnwood?
You will not find this type of wood at your local home improvement stores. Usually, Continue reading

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Western Landscapes

If you want to get a great feel of the American west, take a look at the slide shows below of some western landscapes. They will really get you in the right frame of mind for decorating your house using some artifacts or accessories from that region of the U.S.

In addition, because of the accompanying music, I was totally overcome with a sense of calm and peace while watching this video. This is the feeling you need to impart when people visit your own home.

Get lost in these landscapes and get inspired!

There is something very inspirational about the American west when I watch the video above.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps it’s feeling that all of these western landscapes were created by a higher power.  Or perhaps it’s knowing that the United States was originally undeveloped and these scenes depict how many areas would look if it was still this way.  Many parts still are, which makes it all the more important to cherish our open spaces.

If you should feel inspired to decorate your own home with a western theme, watch this video first and you just may get some ideas or inspirations that you didn’t know existed.

There is so much more to know and learn about the American west.  Click here for some great resources that may just suck you in for hours.

Or, if you’re in the “video watching mood, click over to our sample video on a contemporary home remodel.  Here, you’ll see a home being transformed before your eyes.  It’s just another form of western inspiration and useful ideas.

I’ll be adding videos here of some western landscapes I visited on recent visits to Colorado, Arizona and Nevada – so check back.  Also, I’d like to hear your comments on your own experiences while visiting the awesome vistas of the west, or just your own experiences when decorating with western decor.


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Coyboys And Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron skillet cooking

Cast iron cookware has been around for many centuries. Unlike other cookware made today, it’s made by casting the metal in the mold which results in one solid piece of material. Other cookware is put together in pieces, as you can plainly see when examining it.

To learn how to use this material tastefully, check on my posting on how to use it and display it in your kitchen’s decor. In addition, check out how to decorate your cabin with rustic decor. If you’re concerned with being too country, no need to be. My posting on how to mix country and western decor will give you useful ideas to give you a better understanding of the 2 styles.

Some say the first was cookware using this durable material was made around 700 B.C. but came into more general use in England around 1100 A.D., although it’s use really gained popularity in the mid-1800′s during the time of the American west. This is because Continue reading

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Use Cast Iron Cookware In Your Kitchen’s Decor

Back in the old days of the American west, cast iron cookware was used extensively. After all, there was no such thing as non-stick pots and pans, nor was there stainless steel. How would you incorporate this style of cookware into your kitchen’s western theme? By displaying it on pot racks. Combining this kitchen ware display with other themed items in your kitchen will really give you that old-time feel. Even better if your kitchen’s walls are made of natural wood or logs.

pot rack display

Here’s an example of a potrack displaying various pots and pans. As you can see, this kitchen also incorporates a wood stove as well as a wall material that really enhances that old time look. This is a great example of Continue reading

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Rustic Log Furniture – Making Your Own

Although there are many retailers selling beautiful rustic log furniture, you may want to consider making your own. The reasons for this are varied.

1. Maybe you can’t find the exact item you want in any store.
2. Perhaps you’ve found the item but the size won’t fit your space.
3. Perhaps you’re artistic, and want to create a piece of furniture or artwork that’s unique – a one-of-a-kind item.

Whatever your reason, if you think it’s something you might consider, then you’ll enjoy watching the following video. You’ll discover the hidden steps involved and get some basic tips and techniques. I really enjoyed seeing the “beind the scenes” as it were, of what actually goes into the process. Watch and see for yourself… Continue reading

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Rustic Cabin Decor Examples

If you own a log cabin, you may want to incorporate some rustic cabin decor in your rooms. This is, for sure, western in style, although your cabin could very well be anywhere in the U.S. Read on and watch video below for some examples of what YOU can do too.

When using this type of decor, you’ll have to figure out what looks best with the type and color of wood stain on your logs. In my opinion, using furniture and other accessories that contrast with the color of the wood is the best look. However, this is only my taste. Yours may be different. I’ve seen many photos where many home owners have used similar colors throughout a room. This may be your preference as well.

Watch the following video from a log home builder and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Continue reading

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Contemporary Western Home Remodel Example

If you are thinking of changing the theme of your home’s decor, why not choose something from the American west? Look below for a sample video on some ideas for what can be accomplished during a contemporary western home remodel.

In the video, you’ll notice several design concepts in use. Watch again to see them in action and read along as I list them below

Continue reading

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Western Decor – Choosing The Right Colors

If you’re going for a western decor theme in your home, it’s important to start with the right color palette. It’s quite common to use colors found in nature, such as dark chocolate browns, tans and greens. However, there is a whole lot more choice if you let your creative juices flow.

First, you’ll want to take into account your own color preferences. Do you like subtle, grayish tones? Do you like your rooms to pop with color and feel fibrant and sunny? Did you know that your color choice will affect your mood? You can achieve the effect you desire by using the right colors in your western decor room.

One option, and one of the best ones, is to start is with an accessory or object you want Continue reading

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Western Decorating Ideas

Here are some western decorating ideas in the form of photos and suggestions of décor. As you can see, many great looks are achieved by displaying the correct items alongside one another, including wooden wall, stone and painted browns and oranges.

One way to get some great ideas for western decorating is to browse items at various stores and online websites. I’ve purchased from several sources over the years, and have come to know and trust several. Click on my Western Decor Catalogs page HERE! to browse hundreds of great and unique items. Continue reading

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Enhance Your Western Decor With Natural Stone

A great way to enhance your western decor and feel is with natural stone. Although when thinking of stone, most people think outdoor landscapes. However, there is much more you can do with natural stone than simply add it to your gardens. Use it indoors for some great looking accents or create stone walls to really give that rustic and western ambiance.

Here are some examples: Continue reading

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