Western Decorating Ideas

Here are some western decorating ideas in the form of photos and suggestions of décor. As you can see, many great looks are achieved by displaying the correct items alongside one another, including wooden wall, stone and painted browns and oranges.

One way to get some great ideas for western decorating is to browse items at various stores and online websites. I’ve purchased from several sources over the years, and have come to know and trust several. Click on my Western Decor Catalogs page HERE! to browse hundreds of great and unique items.

western dining room

Above is an example of a dining room with a western look. The furniture here definitely contributes to that look as well as the color of the walls. Notice that furniture is wooden, with black and natural wood colors. In addition, it’s styling could be considered western, but it also could be country. As mentioned in other posts, both styles are often combined.

natural style porch

Here we have an outdoor porch. The main thing you’ll notice is the stone wall in the background. This alone is a great look, and combined with the furnishings really sets the mood. The stone and wooden table is a great addition. Although many people would consider a wooden rocking chair as a compliment, the wrought iron chair is also a good alternative. Wrought iron is a classic style of the old west and even though this chair is not styled to that period, it gives the porch an eclectic look nonetheless.

bedroom furnishings

This picture of a bedroom just screams the wild, wild west. What makes this so? Mainly it’s the styling of the furniture. Leather furniture is one of the great choices you can make. Whether brown or black leather, both work well. Here both black and brown combine in the chair as well as dresser. In this example, the appropriate furniture style is all you need to create that look from the American west.

boot display

This photo of cowboy boots sitting on an old trunk illustrates the importance of grouping items in a display. As you can see, the boots combine with a blue denim shirt or throw, but you could also use any other kind of throw with a western design or print – especially of the outdoors and/or nature. In addition, a boxy trunk is a great display item. Trunks can also be used as end tables or coffee tables in a living room or den.

As you can see, the above photos should give you some great western decorating ideas. Many times a room is stylized just by adding wall art or furniture. Sometimes it’s the fabrics. Other times the wall colors make the statement.

However you choose to decorate, you’ll find it fun and enjoyable to experiment with various items and placements of items to come up with the look you desire and enjoy.

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