Western Landscapes

If you want to get a great feel of the American west, take a look at the slide shows below of some western landscapes. They will really get you in the right frame of mind for decorating your house using some artifacts or accessories from that region of the U.S.

In addition, because of the accompanying music, I was totally overcome with a sense of calm and peace while watching this video. This is the feeling you need to impart when people visit your own home.

Get lost in these landscapes and get inspired!

There is something very inspirational about the American west when I watch the video above.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps it’s feeling that all of these western landscapes were created by a higher power.  Or perhaps it’s knowing that the United States was originally undeveloped and these scenes depict how many areas would look if it was still this way.  Many parts still are, which makes it all the more important to cherish our open spaces.

If you should feel inspired to decorate your own home with a western theme, watch this video first and you just may get some ideas or inspirations that you didn’t know existed.

There is so much more to know and learn about the American west.  Click here for some great resources that may just suck you in for hours.

Or, if you’re in the “video watching mood, click over to our sample video on a contemporary home remodel.  Here, you’ll see a home being transformed before your eyes.  It’s just another form of western inspiration and useful ideas.

I’ll be adding videos here of some western landscapes I visited on recent visits to Colorado, Arizona and Nevada – so check back.  Also, I’d like to hear your comments on your own experiences while visiting the awesome vistas of the west, or just your own experiences when decorating with western decor.


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